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Her   Royal   Highness   the   Queen   Bee   has   put   Inspector   Insector in   charge,   not   only   of   keeping   the   streets   of   his   home   town, Bug   City,   safe   but   because   people   aren’t   doing   that   much   to help   insects   these   days,   he   must   now   also   look   after   every single   insect   on   the   planet.   Now   as   you   can   imagine,   this   is   a very   big   job   and   so   The   Inspector   is   asking   for   your   help.   He needs   you   to   sign   up,   become   a   licensed   Insect   Investigator and help him solve a puzzling insect mystery. Contact    The    Inspector    at    earthlore@ihug.co.nz    to    join    the Special     Insect     Squad     and     become     a     licensed     Insect Investigator. When    you    become    a    licensed    Insect    Investigator    you    will receive   a   notebook   with   an   official   badge,   a   magnifying   glass, your   PI   License   and   a   special   case   of   your   own   to   work   on.   The license fee is $35-00 inc. P&P within New Zealand.
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 Gordon and Janine Thompson 129 Hinahina Road, Owaka (Only a few minutes from Owaka township on the road to Jack’s Bay)  phone: 03 415 8455 cell: 027 385 3182 earthlore@ihug.co.nz