Case File 8A - Slither the Slug

BACKGROUND TO THE CASE: after sliming Mrs Smith for no reason at all, Slither the Slug was arrested for bullying and put in The Cells but during the night he greased the bars with his slime and escaped. Inspector Insector obtained a Search Warrant and looked under every single log, rock, tree and bush in Bug City but did not find him.    

      Continuing his investigations, Inspector Insector talked to the bigmouthed Bazoo and learned that Slither the Slug had crawled into the big pile of letters in the mailbox that were waiting to be posted. Slither had told Bazoo he was going to hide in one of the letters so he can be sent far away from that “pesky cop, Inspector Insector”.

      The postman came and took the letters before Inspector Insector got the chance to re-arrest the slimy criminal which means, Slither the Slug could be anywhere by now - and so under article 32 of the Insect Act, all Special Insect Squad Insect Investigators are instructed to find and re-arrest Slither the Slug on sight. But be careful. This fellow is one slippery character.