Earthlore Wildlife Gardens - highlights

Mini Frisbee Golf

Teams of two or more can play a round of mini Frisbee golf on our nine target course. Even though it is a children’s game (with the Frisbees made of sponge rubber so no one gets hurt) adults enjoy playing as much as the kids – so enjoy. Frisbees and score sheets are available from the gift shop upon request. Day Pass available - $20 for up to 4 players

The Frisbee course is set in a developing food forest, with many unusual edibles planted within its seven layers. Look for informational signs as you wander the paths.

The Great Orlando's Magical Flea Circus - puppet show

Ladybugs and Gentlemoths, your tour begins with a performance of the greatest show on earth - or on the ceiling. The Great Orlando’s Magical Flea Circus is a good old fashioned puppet show featuring Clonk the Clown; the simply sensational Super-fly; and Buzz-Bee the insect cannonball. Performed in Earthlore’s purpose built Big Top, the show is five minutes long and is suitable for children aged 3 to 103. Oh, and don’t forget to buy your popcorn at the gift shop before you take your seat - because you should never watch a Flea Circus without popcorn!

Gift Shop & souvenirs

Before you go, pop into our gift shop and buy a unique, thoughtfully sourced souvenir of your visit. Spend $50 or more and we will plant a native host plant in our Insect Conservation Habitat and dedicate it to you - and give you an Insect Conservation Habitat planting certificate.

Inspector Insector & Bug City

Next it’s off to explore Bug City. Designed with insects in mind, Bug City is set in a half acre garden with mini road signs to point you towards amenities such as the Bug City Flying School; the Jitterbug Club; the Bug City Recycle Centre and the all important Bug City Information Centre. And if you look closely you will see rocks and logs with little letterboxes tucked in beneath the bushes. You are encouraged to lift these up to see who’s at home – but please put the insect’s house back the way you found it.

There are informative signs all over Bug City, telling you all sorts of interesting insect facts so take your time exploring this magical world and if you have any questions, Inspector Insector will be close at hand to answer your query.

The Gypsy caravan

At the bottom of the steps you will come across a full sized tradition Gypsy Bowtop caravan; inside which you will find a trunk full of Gypsy costumes. Feel free to dress-up for a fun photo. The caravan sits in a campfire garden so get creative with posing your pictures.