Group visits

We provide FUN and GAMES for all ages.

Preschool Visits

We provide a SAFE and FUN learning environment for pre-school children, beginning with a performance of The Great Orlando's Magical Flea Circus Puppet Show.

Inspector Insector will then help the children to explore  Bug City - a ½ acre garden built especially for insects with lots of rocks (with letterboxes) for children to lift up and look under. Each child will be loaned a magnifying glass and a plastic jar to capture and view their bugs and Inspector Insector will make sure everyone catches an insect. 

Next it is off to the Gypsy caravan for dress-ups, before heading up to meet Dolly and Marama, our two friendly donkeys.  

But there is even more to the Earthlore experience so use the contact form at the bottom of this page to request further information - and to book your group visit.

please note: Earthlore will supply a Risk Assessment Matrix for your preschool upon request. 

School Visits

 Here at Earthlore Wildlife Gardens we appreciate that teachers are busy people, and so prior to your visit, Inspector Insector will supply a Risk Assessment Matrix plus a health and safety letter and a lesson plan which links to the New Zealand curriculum. Inspector Insector will also supply a short story/fun case file which is to be investigated during your class visit - and he will supply all the study materials required to complete the lesson. The ground work has been done for you.

To ensure adequate supervision, parents, teachers and teacher aids are given free entry into Earthlore Wildlife Gardens, however they maybe called upon to supervise an activity and all adults are expected to supervise the children in their charge as per the RAMS assessment provided by Inspector Insector.

Futhermore, to ensure your students get the most out of their Insect Investigations, we will set baited pitfall and potato traps fourty-eight hours before you arrive, in order to maximize the number and variety of insect species available for capture.

 For further details and a copy of the lesson plan, use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with Inspector Insector and arrange your class visit.... Let the FUN begin!

Group Visits

 We are an ideal choice for garden clubs and special interest groups. In addition to our quirky, fun activities, we provide inspiration and advice on gardening to attract wildlife - specifically birds and insects. This includes personal tours through our Bug City gardens and developing Food Forest. There is plenty to see and do so we suggest you allow one or two hours for your visit - and remember, we have a boutique gift shop selling thoughtfully-sourced products. We also have hot drinks and snacks available.

We have Eftpos but do not accept Visa - sorry.

Birthday Parties

Earthlore Wildlife Gardens is the ideal venue for a super FUN birthday party, Entertaining the birthday boy/girl and the party guests with the Great Orlando's Magical Flea Circus Puppet Show, a round or two of Frisbee Golf and of course, Inspector Insector will be on hand to amuse the crowd with an insect "murder mystery".

Bookings are essential so use the contact form at the bottom of this page to request further information - or to book in for the special day. 


Fabulously innovative, and an exceptional learning journey!!

Teachers and pupils
Teachers and pupils
Poolburn School

Lovely visit and tour!! Very knowledgeable and great gardens/habitat. Thank you. Perfect way to celebrate Rions 4th birthday!

The Warren family
The Warren family

Educational and inspirational

We are are amazed at the difference that has been  achieved in a relatively short time in increasing the biodiversity on the property - in particular, the increase in the number and species of native butterflies - and  we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience in insect conservation with children and adults alike, If for any reason you are unable to visit in person, feel free to use the contact button below to ask questions.

Gordon and Janine Thompson

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If you have any questions about Earthlore Wildlife Gardens or you would like to know more about gardening for insects or insect conservation, we are more than happy to help!